Big variation in wheat harvest

5 September 2001

Big variation in wheat harvest

WORCESTERSHIRE farmer Richard Burt has had very variable yields on his wheat harvest. The farm at Throckmorton near Purshore has clay soil.

They finished wheat a week ago. “Its the greatest variation in yield for a long time. Yields varied from 11t/ha on first crop Malacca, some second wheat did 10t/ha but then some crops only did 6t/ha.

“It was all dependent on the drainage in the field. But considering the winter I have been quite pleased with harvest. We were lucky to get in a large chunk of Malacca in September.”

The Malacca has all been grade one milling wheat. Protein is 13%, Hagbergs over 300 but the specific weight has been a little low at 73Kg/hl.

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