Boot out boredom &cost? In the bag

3 March 2000

Boot out boredom &cost? In the bag

FILLING and sealing individual polythene bags can be a labour intensive and mind-numbing procedure if carried out manually.

To reduce the labour costs and boredom, Portsdown Engineering has developed the Pouch Packer – a heat sealing device designed to open and close small polythene bags.

Typical applications include opening and sealing bags used for grain samples or small machinery parts such as nuts and bolts.

Bags up to 30 x 20cm in size are opened by an air stream generated by an electric fan. The product is then manually placed in the bag, before automatic sealing takes place. Claimed to be capable of handling 10 bags a minute, the Pouch Packer is priced at £1250 (01329-232300).

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