British imports are stuck in limbo

9 January 1998

British imports are stuck in limbo

A DOZEN top quality Anglo- Nubian, British Saanen and Toggenburg dairy goats imported to Denmark from Britain this year and last year are being kept isolated on a farm near Copenhagen for three years.

They were imported by English businessman John Weait working in Denmark, who as a sideline to his main business has bought a 4ha (10-acre) farm and established a herd of dairy goats on it.

He plans to build-up a herd of 90 milkers and make cheese, and to sell the breeding stock to other Danish goat farmers who are in desperate need of better quality stock to boost their herd performance.

But because of the Danish so called M3 quarantine rules, he is unable to help other Danish goat farmers for three years.

"The EUs free market arrangements are obviously not good enough for Denmark," says Mr Weait, who now faces three years of blood tests for diseases like CAE before any of this imported stock, or semen from it, can be used by other Danish farmers.

Mr Weait, one of the delegates on this years farmers weekly Goat Study Tour to Denmark, is also looking for an English stock person for his goats. His telephone number in Denmark is 44 47 87 77.

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