Broiler cruelty TV advert banned

23 November 2001

Broiler cruelty TV advert banned

By FWi staff

AN RSPCA television advertisement claiming that millions of British broiler chickens suffer on a huge scale has been banned by advertising advisors.

The ad was deemed unsuitable by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (Bacc) which advises TV companies, reports The Independent.

Bacc ruled that the advert was directed towards a political end, which breaches advertising codes. It will now be shown at cinemas with a 15 certificate.

The TV advert compares the six-week life of a broiler chicken with that of a standards egg-laying hen. Adverts also appear in several newspapers

The Independent says the advert tells the story that shames British farming.

The RSPCA alleges that 820m broilers routinely endure a catalogue of illness, ranging from heart disease to leg pain, ammonia burns to infections.

These claims are detailed in its new report Behind Closed Doors.

The National Farmers Union said UK poultry breeders have worked hard to improve conditions and have some of the highest welfare standards in Europe.

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