Case stretches MX power range top and bottom

29 May 1998

Case stretches MX power range top and bottom

By Andy Collings

MORE power, less power – Case has stretched its Maxxum tractor range in two directions with the introduction of the new range topping MX150 and MX170 and the smaller MX80C, MX90C and MX100C models.

Neatly straddling the existing 100hp, 110hp 120hp and 135hp Maxxums, the new versions now extend the powerband from 80hp through to 170hp. With the CX100, it means there are now three 100hp tractors in the range.

Case is keen to point out that tractors are not all about power, popular as the 100hp band is. It is, says the company, also about specification, weight and the type of work expected from them.

The new MX100C – the C stands for Compact – is aimed at the smaller arable unit or grassland farmer. Like the other two compact models, it is equipped with a 4-cyl engine, which is an integral part of the tractors construction, a monocoque. Trans-mission offers a powershuttle 4-speed powershift to produce 16 x 12 ratios.

At the other end of the scale, the new 150hp and 170hp models are clearly the domain of those seriously involved in arable enterprises. To describe them as heavy duty versions of existing Maxxums is to be correct.

A longer wheelbase, a stronger rear axle, beefed-up transmission and stronger hydraulics are all included in the new specification.

Price of the new models, all of which are built at Doncaster, have yet to be finalised. &#42

Maxxum range

Model Rated power (hp)

MX170 170

MX150 150

MX135 135

MX120 120

MX110 110

MX100 100

MX100C 100

MX90C 90

MX80C 80

New Maxxum range topper is the MX170. Longer and stronger, says Case.

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