Centrifugal pumps for clean & dirty

17 May 2002

Centrifugal pumps for clean & dirty

LOW pressure, high volume water pumps now join Allmans power product range. Powered by four-stroke Honda petrol engines, the centrifugal pumps are mounted inside "robust" tubular steel cradles.

The cradles, says Allman, provide superior protection around the pump and engine, while making the units portable for site conditions.

Two pumps are available, a 5cm (2in) version rated at 580 litres/min and a 4.3cm (3in) version rated at 980 litres/min.

For dirty water, a 4.3cm (3in) Trash pump Allman says can specified which can handle 1320 litres/min. (01243-512511 www.allman-sprayers.co.uk)

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