City farm plan for Winnies offspring

10 May 2000

City farm plan for Winnie’s offspring

By FWi staff

PIG farmers hope to breed from Winnie – the pig who spent three months with them during a vigil in London – and send her offspring to city farms.

The aim is that the “sons and daughters of Winnie” will be a reminder of the plight of British farmers after the vigil was abandoned on Monday (8 May).

The round-the-clock protest, intended to embarrass ministers into granting aid to farmers, was called off after organisers felt it had “run its course”.

They now believe Winnies offspring would be star attractions at city farms – often the only places where urban people come into contact with farm animals.

First, however, Winnie the pig must undergo veterinary treatment for polyps, which are limiting the chances of a successful mating.

The pig who became a media star during the vigil outside the Houses of Parliament is now at the British Pig and Poultry Fair in Warwickshire.

After the fair ends, it is understood that Winnie will be retired to a sanctuary near Reading.

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