CLAmoves to end fly-tipping

29 May 1998

CLAmoves to end fly-tipping

COUNTRY Landowners Association leaders have renewed their calls for action to stamp out fly-tipping.

Not only does the illegally dumped rubbish scar the landscape, but the abandonment of toxic waste can present a threat to public health in the countryside, the CLA says.

As well as greater vigilance by police and local crime watch scheme members, courts should impose stiffer penalties on fly-tippers as a deterrent against outbreaks of "this type of irresponsible vandalism which can seriously blight the rural environment".

The association also wants local authorities to give greater publicity to their refuse disposal services -of which, it says, fly-tippers appear to be ignorant – as a way of removing the temptation for town dwellers to resort to illegal dumping. &#42

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