Clean grain store early

5 July 2002

Clean grain store early

CLEAN down grain stores several weeks before harvest and treat with an appropriate insecticide to minimise the risk of infestation of following crops, says Interfarm.

"The earlier the better because this gives time for any pests that were missed to ingest the insecticide," according to technical manager David Stormonth.

Debris should be burnt and all surfaces and machinery, including cracks, crevices and grain-handling equipment should be sprayed with an insecticide such as Reldan 22 (chlorpyrifos-methyl) from a knapsack sprayer or spray lance, he says.

A 200t capacity bin or 400t of floor storage can be covered with each litre can.

Cereals can also be treated as they come into store at a rate of 20ml/t which works out at a cost of under 50p/t, says Dr Stormonth. &#42

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