Corps left of poor quality

5 September 2001

Corps left of poor quality

Alysham Grains Andrew Dewing says there is 20% of the Norfolk coastal belt of winter wheat left to combine and there is some May drilled spring barley, which is only just coming fit.

“The samples coming in now are wet and grotty.” He says the quality is poor with Hagbergs gone and many of the crops not standing.

“About 75% of the crop is of reasonable quality of which can be used by millers. The Hagbergs have been decent and protein fine, although it has been slightly light on bushel.”

Many yields have been disappointing. He estimates they are 10-15% down on average.

Some May drilled spring barley is still coming in, and is of reasonable quality, although he thinks it will now be poor. “The spring barley coming in now is ugly and grotesque. But it passes the tests and there is no sign of pre-germination.”

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