Farmer accused of murdering wife to claim insurance

A farmer killed his wife in an attempt to claim £400,000 in life insurance to fund an extravagant lifestyle with his lover, a court has been told.

As reported in the Metro, Robert Wilson aged 40, is alleged to have driven his tractor over his wife’s head, but told police that he had accidentally knocked down and killed 53-year-old Jane Wilson while they fed cows in their barn.

His wife’s remains were found in the barn where she died.

Carlisle Crown Court learned that he was living a double life and had murdered her a week before his lover Cathy McNeil was due to visit.

Mr Wilson met Mrs McNeil in October 2006 at a bar in Spain where she was working. Two months on and Mr Wilson had doubled his life insurance cover with a new £200,000 policy.

By December 2007, he was more than £100,000 in debt, the same month that the accident happened, according to the article.

Emergency care practitioner Iain Nellis was called to the scene and told the court: “He said he killed her and he repeated that over and over. It was very difficult to get him to say anything else initially.”

Mr Nellis said Mr Wilson told him he believed the cattle got spooked and knocked his wife into the path of the tractor and he had “felt a bump” as he drove the tractor forward with hay on it.

The case continues.