Video: Quad bike theft – how to avoid being a victim

Every farmer would be lost without their quad bike to get around the farm and yet, they are still the farm vehicles stolen most often.

In this video hear from two farmers who have been the victims of quad bike theft, and the local rural police, who all give their tips on how to keep these vehicles safe.

Quad bikes’ size, weight and value make them a particular target for organised thieves. Most quad bikes are stolen in the early hours, hidden and then picked up by van.

The thieves may well target the victim a second time, knowing there is likely to be a fresh new bike to steal.

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Unfortunately, farmers often make it easy for thieves by leaving the keys in the ignition – one farmer in the video had his bike stolen when he popped into the farmhouse for some lunch, and didn’t take the keys with him.

We see some of the latest anti-theft technology manufacturers have fitted to quads, including trackers and chips. But they can only do so much, farmers need to take some simple precautions too.

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Ffermio presenters (left to right Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells, Daloni-Metcalfe

Ffermio presenters (left to right) Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells and Daloni Metcalfe

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