Currencies and grain trading

21 May 1998

Currencies and grain trading

Thursday, 21 May, 1998

  • £1=DM2.888 / FFr9.688 / $1.633

  • French FOB spot wheat value: FFr 700 (£ 72.25)

  • Chicago July wheat at close: $3.02 (£ 67.87)

YESTERDAY was another day with old-crop prices weaker and new-crop following . There was very little consumption interest for the remainder of the season and quantities of wheat still remain unsold on-farm.

The best prices are for Riband, Consort, Brigadier with mid-range proteins,
73kgs and 180 hag – these are commanding a £3/4 premium over feed and this may not be the case when new-crop comes along. French prices are still drifting, making the UK uncompetitive for export at present.

Prices at Wednesdays
wheat futures close:

MONTH Close Change
MAY 73.75 -0.75
JULY 74.65 -1.00
SEP 75.65 -1.10
NOV 77.65 -1.10
JAN 79.65 -1.10
MAR 81.65 -1.10

    Approximate commodity
    values, £/ tonne, ex-farm:

    June Class 1 milling114
    June feed wheat71
    June feed barley68
    Harvest feed wheat70
    Harvest barley65

  • Information provided by BDR Agriculture Ltd, Harvest House, 64 North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9AJ – click here for further details

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