Dealer provides cab suspension for 6-cyl Deeres

7 April 2000

Dealer provides cab suspension for 6-cyl Deeres

By Andy Moore

JOHN Deere 6-cyl 6000 and 6010 series tractors can now be fitted with cab suspension – but not from the manufacturer.

Norfolk John Deere dealer Ben Burgess has been importing the suspension kits from German manufacturer Muller since December. To date, the company claims to have sold 19 kits to their own customers and other John Deere dealers.

Three types of kits are available – a small version for 6506, 6510, 6600 and 6610 tractors; a medium type for 6800 and 6900 models; and a large version for 6810 and 6910 machines.

Designed as a retro or factory fit extra, when in situ the kit replaces the tractors existing two rear cab mounts and employs two shock absorbers positioned in-line between two brackets on each axle.

In front of the rear shock absorber is a stabilising pin positioned within a rubber dish and locked in place with a nut. This allows 60mm up and down travel and absorbs side to side movement.

Removal of the old cab mounts and kit installation is said to take two-and-a-half hours in the dealers workshop – a procedure requiring the cab to be jacked up on two support stands.

Ben Burgess says demand for the kits is greatest for tractors fitted with John Deeres TLS front axle suspension system – a system available on 6010 series tractors and not the 6000 series models.

Simon Shaw, who manages Scottow Farms outside Norwich, was the first customer to specify the kit – having it fitted to his 115hp 6610 tractor with TLS suspension.

"The main benefit is being able to travel more comfortably on roads when hauling sugar beet," he says. "In combination with TLS, the cab suspension allows speeds of up to nearly 20mph on a rough stretch of B-road where we normally have to slow down."

Another advantage with the cab suspension system, he says, is being able to operate at higher forward speeds in the field. When fertiliser spreading, for example, Mr Shaw says he is able to travel at up to 7mph without having to slow down when crossing tramlines near the headland.

Looking ahead, Ben Burgess is keen to supply kits to fit 4-cyl 6000/6010 series tractors as well as the larger 7000/10 and 8000/10 models. All kits are priced at £975 plus £100 for fitting. &#42

Suspension units replace the tractors existing two rear cab mounts. Inset: Close-up of a single unit. Note the pin behind the spring which absorbs side to side movement.

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