Death threats to protest farmer

20 September 2000

Death threats to protest farmer

By FWi staff

ONE of the dairy farmers who helped arrange last weeks fuel blockades claims that he has received anonymous death threats in the wake of the protests.

David Handley, who is chairman of the Farmers For Action pressure group, said he had received a number of abusive phone calls, including death threats.

Despite the calls, Mr Handley said he was unrepentant: “You have to put [the calls] out of your mind, ignore them. They are from cranks seeking attention.”

Since being thrust into the headlines, Mr Handley said he had also found himself subjected to journalists intent on “digging for dirt” about his private life.

He has pledged that protestors will return to blockade fuel terminals unless the government moves to reduce fuel taxes by 13 November.

But Chancellor Gordon Brown has rejected the 60-day deadline which was issued by the demonstrators when blockades were lifted last week.

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