Defra concern at latest virus outbreak

27 September 2001

Defra concern at latest virus outbreak

By Isabel Davies

GOVERNMENT officials in Cumbria have expressed their concern about a new outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the south of the county but promised to hit it “hard and fast”.

Tough new foot-and-mouth restrictions have been imposed following the discovery of the case on a farm near Kirkby Lonsdale on Wednesday (26 September).

The area, until now, had been free of the disease with the nearest cases over 10 miles away in the Penrith Spur.

“Blue box” restrictions have now been extended from the Penrith Spur so they now apply to premises as far south as Carnforth in Lancashire.

Five compulsory cleansing and disinfection points have been set up around the village of Barbon and a further five mobile units are in operation in the area.

All restrictions came into force at 12.00 on Thursday morning (27 September).

Ray Anderson, Defras regional operations director in Cumbria, said: “This is a very worrying development and we are determined to hit it hard and fast.”

“We would request the patience and support of local people for the measures we have put in place and for people outside not to visit the village of Barbon unless absolutely necessary.”

Following confirmation of the disease at Low Bank House Farm, Barbon more than 800 animals have been slaughtered.

Three other premises have been identified as dangerous contacts.


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