Direct marketing for organic co-op


By Fwi reporters

A NEW Welsh co-operative is direct marketing organic beef and lamb in a bid to boost ex-farm prices.

The 18 producer members have committed around 6000 lambs and up to 250 cattle/year to Cambrian Organics. Animals are slaughtered, butchered and packed locally.

Each pack carries a code that a customer can use to link to an internet page carrying information about the farm where the meat was produced.

“We are providing the ultimate in traceability, which is what many customers require,” says Lizzie Shaw, the groups secretary.

“But the key objective of this first exclusively organic meat co-operative in Wales is to give members a bigger share of the end price.”

Established using grants from the Welsh Agri-food Partnership, the co-op has applied for further aid to create a range of new products at the Food Centre.

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