Disease-challenged pig diets launched

21 December 2001

Disease-challenged pig diets launched

A RANGE of diets formulated for disease-challenged pigs has been introduced by ABN and Primary Diets.

The diets are a further development of the Pigmune products launched in 1996. Designed to feed piglets from pre-weaning to 25kg liveweight, four diets make up the new range – Pigmune 4000, 6000, 8000 and 10,000.

The range is said to be highly digestible and palatable and are formulated to boost the immune system of diseased pigs, containing high levels of vitamins and amino acids.

All diets are available as 2mm pellets or meal in 25kg bags, bulk bags and bulk. Prices start at £650/t for Pigmune 4000 and £340/t for Pigmune 10,000 (01377-270441, fax 01377-275598).

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