Downing Street dithers over green top ban

20 July 1998

Downing Street dithers over green top ban

DOWNING STREET remains unconvinced about the need to ban green top unpasteurised milk, despite pressure from the Ministry of Agriculture, reports The Independent.

It quotes a Whitehall source who said Dr Jack Cunningham, farm minister, was determined to impose the ban.

But the Association of Unpasteurised Milk Producers and Consumers claims nearly 600 farmers could be ruined.

Government scientists back Cunninghams views. They warned that 41 samples out of 1,000 tested contained potentially dangerous bacteria, including a fifth that were contaminated with cattle faeces.

But Downing Street is wary because it is sensitive to accusations that it is trying to run a nanny state.

The sale of green top is restricted in England and Wales to farm shops and milk roundsmen.

  • The Independent 20/07/98 page 9

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