Spring – have you seen it yet?

Farmers are noticing the effects of the hard winter and late spring – and not just in terms of its effects on livestock management.

The cold weather means traditional “signs of spring” are late coming to some areas, with parts of the countryside looking more like January than March.

Spring flowering plants, for example, are coming into bloom much later than would be expected. And in Thriplow, Hertfordshire, Britain’s biggest daffodil festival has been hit by a lack of blooms so far this year.

Has spring come to your area or are you still waiting for it? And what, for you, are the tradional harbingers of this new season? Is it the sound of a cuckoo, lambs on the ground, blubells or the sight of hares boxing? Or something else altogether?

Add your comments on our forums or upload your “signs of spring” photos into this picture gallery.

We’ll publish any comments or photos we particularly like in Farmers Weekly magazine.

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