UK behind on gas emissions targets

UK greenhouse gas emissions are not falling fast enough to meet official targets, despite efforts by the agricultural industry.

A report by the Committee on Climate Change – an independent group of government advisors – said the general trend for emissions across the country was flat.

Last year emissions actually rose by 3% last year thanks to cold weather creating extra demand for energy, the committee found.

The group said the UK’s emissions figures were “incompatible” with the target of a 3% reduction each year.

But despite the disappointing figure across the country, the report said UK agricultural emissions had continued to reduce gradually.

Farming saw its emissions fall by 1% on 2009, meaning the figure had fallen by about 21% since 1990.

The NFU said the report showed farmers and growers were contributing towards the UK’s climate change targets and were committed to tackling emissions.

Ceris Jones, NFU climate change advisor, said: “Agriculture has a history of engagement in voluntary initiatives and the effect of regulation is often negative.

“Therefore, the industry is committed to making a success of the [government’s] Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.

“We are pleased that the Committee has recognised the contribution that on-farm anaerobic digestion could make in reducing emissions and suggests the need for appropriate support,” she added.

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