Social media responds to dramatic Brexit result

As news that the UK electorate has voted to leave the EU came in just before 5am, farmers and their representatives took to social media to express their joy, anguish and to offer further analysis.

It was unbridled joy for some – especially at Farmers For Britain, which has led the campaign to leave within agriculture.

And despair for others.

A more dramatic interpretation came from Scottish farmer S J Drummond.

Others were just plain shocked.

On BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today, UKIP spokesman and MEP Stuart Agnew highlighted the short-term benefits of Brexit to the farming economy. With sterling on the way down, wheat prices for this harvest would increase and, if in September it is still weak, then the rate for setting the 2016 Basic Payment Scheme would be advantageous.

NFU vice president Guy Smith said the job was now to sit down with governent and – for the first time in over 40 years – devise a British Agricultural Policy.

“It would be morally and politically irresponsible if our government walks away from supporting farming,” he said. “We must not be left to compete against other farmers who have additional support, or lower costs because of a lighter regulatory regime.

Back on Twitter, South Downs farmer Tom Gribble had other concerns about the exchange rate.

A more sanguine view was expressed by dairy farmer Rob Harrison.

Questions were also asked about who would leads the UK in future negotiations with Brussels.

Other questioned the more immediate political future of the current government.

With noises coming from Scotland about another independence referendum, Notts arable farmer John Charles-Jones questioned what it might all mean for the future of the UK and its devolved regions

The NFU also pointed to the political map emerging from Friday’s voting patterns.

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