Ex-PM in bid to kill hunting bill

19 December 2000

Ex-PM in bid to kill hunting bill

By FWi staff

JOHN MAJOR and Michael Heseltine have joined an attempt to kill off proposed legislation on hunting with dogs, reports The Daily Telegraph.

A list of prominent figures calling for the Bill to be thrown out before MPs debate its options is headed by the former prime minister and deputy prime minister.

Mr Major said: “If one group of people decide to ban something that they dont like, where does it all end.”

The Reasoned Amendment, drafted by former Home Office Minister David Maclean, is signed by 10 former Tory ministers.

The Telegraph says that privately they concede their chances of success as “virtually nil”.

The same newspaper reports that Wednesdays second reading of the Bill is likely to bring thousands of hunt supporters to the Trafalgar Square in protest.

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