Blank data sheet rules clarified

FARMERS WHO need extra blank field data sheets may exceptionally use photocopied versions but only if they are copied from their own application form.

The Rural Payments Agency says farmers need to first use the blank field data sheets (SP5B, SP5C and SP5D) issued with the application packs.

But if additional supplementary sheets are required, RPA will accept the following:

• The continuation sheets produced and supplied by RPA.

These can be ordered via RPA‘s Customer Service Centre (0845 603 7777).They will also be available from RPA‘s Processing Sites and Drop-in Centres from the middle of next week. 

The reference number (for example ABC: 123456789) situated next to the Helpline number at the bottom of each page on the farmer‘s main application form must be written in the space provided on the front page of the continuation sheet.

• Exceptionally, photocopies of blank field data sheets from the farmer‘s own application form. 

Photocopies of other farmers‘ application forms will not be accepted as they will have the wrong bar code and reference number on them.

• Exceptionally, computer-generated field data sheets, where:

  1. they are produced in the same format and contain the same information as the official forms; and

  2. the farmer writes on each additional field data sheet the alpha-numeric reference number that is situated next to the Helpline number at the bottom of each page on his main application form and, where it is known, his Single Business Identifier.

The RPA has also reminded customers that they need to sign all continuation sheets in ink.

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