Council helps farmers to make the case for agriculture

Devon County Council has launched an advice pack to help farmers get their voice heard by decision makers and it has published it on Facebook to make sure it reaches a wide audience.

The pack is the first of its kind in the country, and was developed with representatives from across the rural and agricultural community to help farmers and local food producers draw attention to critical issues affecting the rural economy.

Information and statistics on subjects ranging from skills shortages to nitrate vulnerable zones has been collected, together with template letters and instructions on how to contact and influence MPs, local and European politicians, and representative bodies across the UK and EU.

Leader of the Council Brian Greenslade said: “Agriculture is an integral part of the Devon economy and we must ensure that the sector gains the support it needs to safeguard local food production.

“We are encouraging Devon farmers, food producers and manufacturers to help raise awareness and influence local and national opinion formers.”

The pack has been produced by the Council in partnership with a number of organisations including the National Farmers’ Union, South West Regional Development Agency, Small Farms’ Association, Devon Farms Accommodation, South West Food and the University of Exeter.

Read the full advice pack (it is a pdf).

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