Fewer rubbish collections could increase fly tipping

Fly tipping incidents will increase dramatically if county councils move away from weekly rubbish collections and introduce bin taxes, a report by a cross-party committee of MPs has concluded.

The Communities and Local Government Committee monitors local government spending and spoke out after the government admitted proposed changes to collection would increase fly-tipping.

“We are not convinced that enough work has been done or guidance given to local authorities on how to prevent such risks from blighting areas and causing disputes,” the committee report said.

“Nor are we convinced that local authorities already faced with increasing waste costs will be adequately funded to deal with increased administration and prosecution costs,” it concluded.

Research published by the Countryside Alliance, which is running a campaign against fly-tipping, showed that the costs of incidents already totalled £100m a year.

Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said: “Councils must consider the real costs of changes to refuse collection.

“Most importantly they must ensure that it remains easier to get rid of rubbish legally than illegally.”

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