Foot and mouth disease (FMD) 2007 Surrey outbreak – Farmers Weekly Interactive’s special report

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Top tips – What farmers should be doing to minimise the impact of foot and mouth

The outbreak of foot and mouth disease on a farm in Surrey has led to a national ban on livestock movements. Here is a round -up of DEFRA’s current advice:

Key government advice for preventing the spread of Foot & Mouth.

Key messages are:

  • Avoid visiting other farms unless absolutely necessary
  • Keep different species of livestock separate where possible
  • When handling your animals, be aware that sheep do not always show obvious signs of the disease and you could inadvertently infect other animals.
  • Keep everything clean – materials like mud or bedding on clothes, boots equipment or vehicles can carry the virus from farm to farm or between different groups of livestock on the farm.
  • It is essential that you clean yourself, your vehicle and everything you carry thoroughly when you move between different groups of livestock on the farm.
  • Make sure you have disinfectant and cleaning material ready at your farm entrance, so that essential visitors can disinfect themselves before entering the premises and as they leave.

For more detailed advice see DEFRA’s fact sheet Biosecurity – Preventing the introduction and the spread of foot and mouth disease (PDF).

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FMD map: Egham outbreak


Second outbreak: extended protection and surveillance map:


Foot and mouth disease outbreak – The theory following the HSE report into Pirbright (8 August, 2007)

Pirbright foot and mouth theory

FMD map: Surrey outbreak

Here is the map showing the foot and mouth protection and surveillance zones

Foot and mouth map of zones

Foot and mouth disease pictures

foot adn mouth pic

For more pictures, go through to our foot and mouth picture gallery

Foot and mouth disease in the UK

Here are some useful links relating to foot and mouth in the UK, particularly the outbreak in 2001 

What is foot and mouth disease?

Foot and mouth is a viral disease of cloven hoofed animals (sheep, cattle, pigs etc) which is easily spread. The UK is normally free of this disease but the last major outbreak was in 2001 when the government was serciously criticised for mismanaging the epidemic.

Foot and mouth disease is a highly contagious but non-fatal viral disease of cattle and pigs. It can also infect deer, goats, sheep, and other animals with cloven hooves, as well as elephants, rats, and hedgehogs. Horses are not susceptible. Foot and mouth disease in humans is very rare.

The cause of foot and mouth disease was first shown to be viral in 1897 by Friedrich Loffler. In the UK the most recent outbreaks were in 2001 and before that in the 1960s.


Foot and mouth disease – timeline of the disease in the UK

  • Aug 1956 – Outbreak in Gloucestershire

  • Dec 1957 – Foot and mouth shuts down abattoir

  • Oct 1967 – Foot and mouth outbreak at Oswestry

  • Nov 1967 – Nationwide culling to tackle disease

  • Feb 2001 – Foot and mouth outbreak in abattoir

  • Mar-May 2001 – Nationwide culling/ incineration programme

  • May 2001 – General election delayed

  • Jan 2002 – UK declared free of foot and mouth disease

  • May 2002 – Farmer found guilty of hiding outbreak


Numbers game – key facts about the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak

  • 2030 – the number of confirmed cases of the disease in the UK and Northern Ireland

  • Six million – the number of animals slaughtered

  • £900m – the cost to UK farming

  • £5bn – losses suffered by the tourism industry and the rural economy

  • £1.34bn – compensation paid to farmers