Henry Fell

Henry Fell, chairman of the Commercial Farmers Group, has renewed calls for a Confederation of British Agriculture rather like the CBI acting on behalf of all industry.

Speaking at the Worshipful Company of Farmers dinner Mr Fell lamented farming’s lack of influence over the government, which he blamed partly on agriculture representing only one per cent of GDP. He called for the industry to “make waves” with key organisations collaborating more on common goals.  

“I am not attacking the NFU because they’ve been over-ridden by the problems of the RPA,” he said.  But the CLA operates from a luxury apartment in London. The NFU has a new building in Stoneleigh and the TFW is in Reading.  Why are these organisations not working together like the CBI?“ 

Mr Fell suggested that they all relocated to the NFU headquarters in Warwickshire where the presidents and chiefs of each organisation could meet regularly and agree a more united front.      

“Where is the essence of responsible leadership,” he said. “I don’t see it. We are living in a new world where nothing is fair.  There is no such thing as a level playing field, nor will there be.  Whingeing about it is a waste of breath and the worst possible form of PR.”.

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