Farmers count the cost of weather extremes

Farmers are predicting losses running into tens of thousands of pounds as a result of extreme weather over the past three months.

The Met Office has issued a map which highlights while many farmers are struggling with drought conditions, others have been facing rainfall up to 185% higher than average.

Farmers Weekly has overlaid the map with comments from farmers explaining the impact the season is having on them.

Across England and Wales spring rainfall was 86.9 mm, which is 45% of the long-term average.

This is the second driest spring since 1910 and the driest since 1990, which had 85 mm of rain.

Yet in contrast, parts of north and west Scotland have had a wet season, with Argyllshire recording 577.6 mm of rain, well above the long-term average of 422 mm.

View the Farmers Weekly/Met Office map

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