Farmers need someone with them

13 December 1999

Farmers need someone with them

DAVID LAWSON (Young people in farming) is an intelligent young man who realises that it is impossible for him to farm just now, yet he must love farming to offer his help.

I think it would be a good idea if he found any farmers who worked alone. They need someone to be with them.

I am a farmers wife,who an hour ago was in a panic because my husband went off on the tractor, when I knew he was more depressed than usual.

I knew where he was going, and that usually hed ask or assume that Id go with him.

I didnt have a car to go after him, both my sons are in college, so they need a car, one of them lives at home and travels to college when he needs to, and I have to stop my husband from asking for the boys help, when I know I can do whatever he needs doing.

Luckily a friend came, so I asked him if hed go after him.

They both came back, as it turned out. When I told my husband how worried I was, he explained that he could do the job he wanted to do this morning by
himself, but he would need my help later on.

Most farmers wives go out to work. But there are some of us who I think cant go to work.

Weve listened to the men saying how bad it is and getting worse, and we are afraid to leave them.

Michael Fisher (You cant expand your way out of trouble) has the right idea. If we can struggle a little longer, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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