Farmers to meet hauliers over fuel

13 October 2000

Farmers to meet hauliers over fuel

By Alistair Driver

FARM leaders will meet transport and industry groups on Monday (16 October) to finalise a joint submission on fuel tax cuts to the government.

The National Farmers Union will meet the Freight Transport Association, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and the Confederation of British Industry.

Hauliers have been pressing Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown for a 15p cut in fuel duty, which would cost the treasury 1.5bn a year.

But a Treasury spokesman has dismissed reports that ministers are considering cutting rural car tax by 110 to 45 for vehicles over 1200cc.

The idea, which has been supported by the Scottish Labour Party, has been widely reported, but met a cool response from motoring organisations.

Farmers and hauliers have given the government 60 days until 13 November to come up with a plan to ease the burden of fuel tax or face further protests.

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