Ferrag makes maize drilling one-pass job

29 May 1998

Ferrag makes maize drilling one-pass job

COMBINATION maize planting, the system of the future?

Ferrag thinks so as does the UKs first user, contractor Mike Potter, Clanfield, Oxon.

Developed in France, the drill comprises two 220-litre capacity fertiliser hoppers carried on a frame above a 3m (9ft) Greenland power harrow/packer roller unit. Fertiliser is placed 37mm (1.5in) to the side and below the seed, which is delivered with a standard four-row Kverneland Accord Optima fitted with large – 50cm (1.8ft) -diameter press wheels.

"The system makes maize drilling a one-man, one-pass operation," says Mr Potter.

"We work at about 4mph and, as we knock down only the ground we plant, it gives us the flexibility to keep going in catchy weather. It also conserves soil moisture; as a result germination is excellent," he adds. &#42

Contractor Mike Potter in operation with his combination maize drill at John Gerrings Mount Pleasant Farm, Pusey, Oxon. He intends to plant 202ha (500 acres) with the drill this season.

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