Fertiliser spreaders get GPS technology

5 December 1997

Fertiliser spreaders get GPS technology

FERTILISER spreader manufacturers continue to prepare their equipment for the GPS revolution – should it happen.

Latest development comes from Kuhn Farm Machinery which is now fitting such equipment to its 20m (65.6ft) Aero pneumatic spreader as standard – it is already available for the companys 24m (78.7ft) machines.

The GPS compatible Quantron "L" system automatically controls feed roller speed in respect of forward speed and, as such, allows on-the-move application rate adjustment. In-cab displays present the operator with area spread, amounts applied and application rate.

Kuhn points out that the installation of appropriate software allows the Quantron "L" computer to be adapted for the management and control of spraying and sowing operations.

Kuhn Farm Machinerys Quantron "L" control system is now fitted as standard to the companys 20m Aero pneumatic fertiliser spreader.

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