First Milk chairman steps down

THE CURRENT chairman of First Milk, the UK‘s largest farmer owned dairy co-operative, has announced that he plans to step down from his post.

Roger Evans, who has led First Milk as chairman since April 2003, played a major part in the creation of the business through the merger of Axis and Scottish Milk in 2001.

The process of appointing a new chairman has begun, and the business will seek to appoint a chairman with a strong background in corporate leadership.

Mr Evans will work with the First Milk nominations committee, which will be augmented by a group of prominent First Milk members in the selection process.

It is likely that a new chairman will be in place by this Autumn, and Mr Evans will remain in his post until he has helped identified his successor.

“The time has come for First Milk to move onto the next stage of its development,” he said.

“I have held the view for some time now, that the business requires a chairman with a strong corporate background to help ensure that the ongoing development and success of the business is delivered and this has now become board policy.”

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