Flexible mower unit

3 January 1997

Flexible mower unit

WITH a total cutting width of 7.7m (25ft 3in), a tractor-mounted triple mower unit is expected to appeal to contractors, grass driers and large farms.

Pottinger says its Multicat mowing unit is a direct alternative to similar systems operated on big, reverse-drive tractors or self-propelled foragers.

The main Multicat advantage, Pottinger claims, is flexibility. A contractor could, for instance, drop off the two rear units and just operate the single front-mounted mower when cutting smaller fields.

The mowers come with or without conditioning units (150hp or 100hp req), and fold down to a 2.95m (9ft 8in) transport width. All-up weight is 1.75t.

Multicat prices start at £21,490 (without conditioner) and rise to £24,890 (with conditioner).

Pottinger Multicat mower trio comes with 7.7m (25ft 3in) cutting width.

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