Fly roll designed for all-year use

28 August 1998

Fly roll designed for all-year use

THE Fly Roll is one of a range of non-toxic insect traps for year-round use in livestock buildings, stables and around the home available from Pharmacia Upjohn.

Available in sheets, tubes or sticks, the paper and plastic fly traps are coated in an environmentally safe adhesive. A fly motif printed on the red striped background attracts insects, says the company.

Fly control products cost £1.50 for a pack of six Fly Sticks; £4.20 for 12 small Fly Tube sheets and £8 for six large sheets; £13 for a 9m Fly Roll; and £33 for a 400m Fly Ribbon (01536-276400, fax 01536-263365).

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