Foamy feet may keep dermatitis at bay

12 July 2002

Foamy feet may keep dermatitis at bay

A BREAKTHROUGH in the treatment of digital dermatitis is how Kit Speakman Marketing are promoting their P3 Kovex foam bath solution.

The product, demonstrated at the Royal Show, produces a foam for cattle to walk through and reduces the inaccuracies and stress caused by footbaths. Containing active ingredients, peracetic acid and sofactant, Kovex P3 aims to break down the muck on a cows hoof, before working at the site of infection.

When applied in the collecting yard, foam will be in contact with a cows foot for an average of 25 minutes, compared with the three seconds spent walking through a footbath, said Kit Speakman. Foam is produced through a high pressure pump and can be applied by any number of jets.

Installation costs are £1500 and running costs are about £1 a cow a month (01793-511221, fax 01793-618552).

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