Front linkages increase MXs ground clearance

27 July 2001

Front linkages increase MXs ground clearance

CASE MX Magnum tractors can now be equipped with a new range of front linkages manufactured by Lynx Engineering.

The linkages are available in 3.5t or 5t lift capacities and have been designed without an underslung push bar to maximise ground clearance.

Single and double gas accumulators are fitted to the 3.5t and 5t linkages respectively and, when locked in the transport position, allow a degree of suspension for heavy mounted implements.

Lynx Engineering says the suspension also helps to improve tractor stability, improve operator comfort and reduce shock loads.

The linkages offer three lift arm positions and can be operated in transport, locked or float modes, while a multi-use valve is fitted as standard. The valve is designed to enable the lift rams to be operated in either single or double acting mode.

For control, the linkage can be operated from a single spool valve or via an optional advanced Electronic Position Control (EPR) facility. This, says Lynx, enables transport and working positions to be adjusted quickly and easily.

Prices for the 3.5t linkage are £2350 and £2700 for the 5t, with EPR control costing £1295. &#42

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