Gene crop trials tainted, says paper

3 July 2000

Gene crop trials tainted, says paper

GOVERNMENT trials of genetically modified crops are an experiment which gets more tainted by the week, according to The Express.

An editorial in the paper says the validity of the trials has been tainted after it was shown that GM crops were being compared with GM-contaminated crops.

“To make matters worse, so few farmers have signed for trials that the size of the samples stand at just 12 sites,” it adds.

The paper acknowledges that there are numerous claims and counter-claims made about the impact of GM crops, saying: “We need to know who is right.”

It concludes: “Until then, this newspaper will maintain its scepticism and highlight the lack of proper research.

“Before we all become human guinea pigs, we need genuine – and safe – scientific experiments.

  • The Express, page 10

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