Getting rid of all the trimmings…

5 January 2001

Getting rid of all the trimmings…

TRIMMINGS from verge mowers operating alongside highways have to be collected in Holland – its the law. One of the latest developments from Herder is an 8.5m-reach mower which has a flail head linked to a giant suction fan which blows trimmings into a trailer attached to the rear of the tractor.

A sophisticated machine, the hydraulic system is computer controlled to allow the operator to alter the speed of each of each of the machines hydraulic rams and there is also the ability to rotate the 1.5m flail head through 180 degrees to enable left and right hand work.

Despite its long reach, the geometry of the unit is such that it can fold down for a transport height of under 4m – a legal requirement for new machinery in Holland.

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