GM crops cut herbicide use by 10%

13 June 2001

‘GM crops cut herbicide use by 10%’

By FWi staff

GROWING genetically modified soya in the USA has led to a 10% drop in herbicide use, according to a new Dutch study.

However, the study concludes that increases in crop yields have been small and it is too early to assess the impact on biodiversity, reports the Financial Times.

The report has been produced jointly by the Dutch Centre for Agriculture and the Environment and independent consultants.

It seeks to assess existing scientific papers on GM soya. No original research was conducted.

The working group included biotech industry representatives, the Dutch agriculture ministry and environmental groups including Greenpeace.

Greenpeace has since distanced itself from the studys findings, claiming that some conclusions were flawed, reports the FT.

A spokesman for biotech giant Monsanto said it was “refreshing” to see an independent report which concluded that GM technology reduced herbicide use.


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