GM spin team disbanded

21 September 2000

GM spin team ‘disbanded’

By FWi staff

THE Prime Ministers GM unit has been disbanded and its head assigned to rescuing the Governments reputation on the Dome, reports The Independent.

Peter Wilkinson, described by the newspaper as a senior spin doctor brought in to handle GM enquiries, is reported to be doing Dome stuff now.

The Independent says GM enquiries had now gone back to the Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions (DETR).

But a Cabinet Office spokesman denied the GM unit as being disbanded, even though its GM Media Co-ordination Unit title has been scrapped.

He said the unit has been amalgamated with other functions in the Cabinet Office to form a super desk.

The remit of the super desk includes GM issues, drugs and Cabinet Office services, said the spokesman.

However, enquiries on the farm-scale trials are being dealt with by the DETR.

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