Grain driers added to range

21 December 2001

Grain driers added to range

THREE batch grain driers with capacities of 30t, 40t and 50t have been added to Master Farms Master Drier XL range for the coming season.

The 30t and 40t models are offered as static or mobile builds with the option of electric or tractor pto drive, while the 50t version is only available as an electrically powered static unit.

The driers are, says the manufacturer, all fabricated on a heavy-duty base frame assembly with generous use of stainless steel. Large capacity augers and high volume, multi-blade quiet fans are also employed.

Standard specification includes a dust extraction system which, with an internal gravity cleaner, removes up to 80% of the dust from around the drier.

This system is designed to improve operator environment and grain quality.

Installation of the pre-assembled units is claimed to avoid the additional expense of building work for the construction of grain pits.

Electrically powered models are pre-wired at manufacture. &#42

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