Greenpeace claims most shoppers are against GM feed

29 September 2000

Greenpeace claims most shoppers are against GM feed

By FW reporters

OVER two-thirds of British shoppers are opposed to the use of genetically modified ingredients in animal feed, according to environmental campaigners Greenpeace.

Greenpeaces claim was based on a survey carried out on its behalf by pollsters NOP which showed 67% of those questioned were opposed to animals being fed GM material.

The survey also suggested that 55% of consumers did not want to eat meat or dairy products from animals fed on GM diets, while 90% of the sample said products from animals fed GM material should be clearly labelled.

Greenpeace said it believed the results would have serious implications for supermarkets and speed moves to remove GM-fed animal products from shelves. It added that most major supermarket chains were considering, or had already taken steps to remove GM-fed produce from some or all ranges.

But the NFU criticised the survey saying the issue was more complicated than the poll had suggested because the term "GM-free feed" had yet to be defined.

NFU feeds adviser Stuart Thomson said that the EU Commissions Novel Foods Directive was expected within the next few weeks to determine the maximum GM content permitted in GM-free feed.

Nor does the survey ask if consumers would be willing to pay extra for products reared on GM-free feed, said Mr Thomson.

"The NFU believes in choice on this issue, both for consumers and farmers," he said. &#42

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