Haskins hears of forgotten farmers

4 September 2001

Haskins hears of forgotten farmers

By FWi staff

LORD Haskins, the man asked to revive Britains rural economy, has visited Gloucestershire to learn more about the plight of forgotten farmers.

The Labour peer spoke with the Gloucestershire Foot-and-Mouth Task Force after travelling from Devon where he also met industry leaders.

He has been asked to help local authorities and other agencies plan economic recovery after the foot-and-mouth crisis.

The Rural Recovery Minister, who is also Northern Foods chairman, spoke for an hour about the impact of foot-and-mouth and farmers current prospects.

Attending the meeting at Gloucestershire Development Agency was the
Gloucestershire head of the National Farmers Union Peter Davidson-Smith.

NFU spokesman Ian Johnson said: “The meeting was quite fruitful Lord Haskins went away much better informed.

“One of the key areas was people who have not actually had animals culled but have had severe restrictions and therefore no livelihoods.

“They are the forgotten people.

They have not been able to move or sell livestock but have not had any compensation from the Government because they have not had their stock culled.”

Lord Haskins heard tales of forgotten farmers having to cancel electricity and water subscriptions as they could no longer afford the bills.


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