Heads must roll over foot-and-mouth

20 March 2001

Heads must roll over foot-and-mouth

THE whole foot-and-mouth situation is now so
grave that heads must roll.

The fiasco which most of your correspondents
are commenting on shows:

  • The late information that the disease was present;
  • The lack of practical help;
  • The fact that it is impossible to know what is happening in your own area;
  • The farcical comment from Nick Brown on Sunday that it was all under control;
  • Ben Gill siding mostly with the Government and also giving mealy mouthed interviews.

I think that both these gentlemen should resign and let someone take charge who can put some urgency into the clearing-up of this terrible situation.

All sporting
events should be stopped, all unnecessary journeys, various rural clubs should all halt their activities until the foot-and-mouth has finished.

Note that Ireland still only has the one outbreak – their blanket ban on all sports fixtures, St. Patricks Day parades etc, etc seems to be working.

France, Belgium and Germany all rushed in with draconian measures and it seems to have worked for them.

We should certainly ban all swill now.


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