Heat detection easier with tail paint

3 March 2000

Heat detection easier with tail paint

IMPROVE heat detection rates by using long-lasting, oil-based MAC Tail Paint marketed by Dairy Daughters.

The product is said to outperform chalk and water-based markers by lasting for up to 28 days. Being weatherproof also means it is more resistant to indiscriminate, non-oestrus related mounts or rubbing, says the company.

Paint is available in orange, green and red. Orange is applied at the onset of breeding and is rubbed off when cows are on heat. Green can be applied 24 hours after insemination to help detect repeats and red once pregnancy has been confirmed.

Paint costs less than 20p/cow and is available in 500ml aerosol cans containing sufficient to treat 70 cows (01756-748466, fax 01756-749511).

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