Heck Sausages drop meat-free options

A lack of demand from consumers for plant-based sausages has driven sausage-maker Heck to drop almost all of its meat-free products.

Customers were not ready to move to meat-free alternatives, according to the firm.

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The Yorkshire-based company said it will still produce two meat-free options, which includes burgers and chipolatas, but has dropped more than eight other meat-free products.

Heck also produces a range of pork and chicken sausages, which continue to perform well at retail.

Heck Sausages is not the first company to note a lack of demand for meat or dairy alternatives.

Last year, McDonald’s reported that there had been lacklustre demand at its restaurants in the US for meat-free burgers produced by Beyond Meat.

And earlier this year, Innocent Drinks announced it would stop selling its dairy-free range.

In January, sales of meat-free alternatives dropped back on the previous year during Veganuary, according to Kantar data, with the taste and price of meat-free products noted as the major barriers for shoppers.

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