HFA eligibility deadline

9 February 2001

HFA eligibility deadline

MANYfarmers who received a letter from MAFF about Hill Farm Allowance have a week left to sort out whether they are eligible.

MAFF has requested that if farmers have any additional information relevant to a possible HFA payment they should send it to their RSC by Feb 16. The letters were sent to producers who appeared to fall below the minimum stocking requirements.

A MAFF spokesman said the ministry had written to find out if there were any reasons why this might not be the case. MAFF wanted farmers to notify them if they were in an agri-environmental scheme or if they had other suckler cows or breeding sheep on the holding so these factors could be taken into account.

Since the letters went out MAFF has said for producers with both lowland and Less Favoured Area land, it will average out the stocking rate over the whole of the holding if farmers are eligible for extensification premium.

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