HFS points to flaws in plan for unification

19 August 1997

HFS points to flaws in plan for unification

HOLSTEIN 2000s proposals to create a unified breed society for black-and-white cattle in the UK are seriously flawed, Holstein Friesian Society members have been told.

A letter sent to all HFS members, which included Holstein 2000s resolution for the HFS extraordinary general meeting on Oct 7, criticises the way in which independent board members will be appointed.

The HFS says the Holstein 2000 resolution is undemocratic because only those who are members of both the British Holstein Society and the HFS can serve as one of the eight members on the new board and be allowed to attend the selection meeting to vote for the independent board members.

The HFS interpretation of the resolution suggests that 75% of its members will be barred from voting, but that only 10% of BHS members will be affected.

David Jones, who runs the Wiltor herd in Gwent and is chairman of Holstein 2000, says HFS has got it wrong. The eight independent candidates must be members of both breed societies but all members of both BHS and HFS can vote.

"Wording in the original Holstein 2000 resolution has been clarified in our submission to all members. Its ironic that HFS accuses us of being undemocratic, when the societys present board is elected by regional representation, where members can only vote according to their area for one regionally based candidate once every four years."

HFS members have also been sent a questionnaire to canvas views on the merger. &#42

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